What is SOLO Detroit?

Group Shot on Wall - About SOLOStand Out Live Original (SOLO) Detroit is a Detroit influenced urban apparel company that offers individuals who stand out from society, clothing with both unique designs and a fit unmatched by competitors. Our desire is for our customers to look and most importantly feel great while wearing and living our brand. While we are driven to empower our customers, we are also dedicated to empowering the communities in which they live in.

This is accomplished by aligning ourselves with movements such as  The Heidelberg Project and The Deed Army. These are two non-profit organizations that have each created an original approach for enriching urban environments and surrounding communities. With our dedication to the community and intrinsic growth, our brand will continue to differentiate from the competition by providing unmatched clothing to the enlightened consumer.

The city of Detroit played an essential role with the inspiration behind SOLO Detroit and the message that powers our brand. We observed the beaten image of a once prominent city and decided to take matters into our own hands. By creating both clothing with intricate designs and a message that connects with individuals on a personal level, we are on a pursuit to ensure that the city of Detroit reclaims its former glory and prestigious status.

“When a man thinks for himself, he follows the impulse of his own mind, which is determined for him at the time, either by his environment or some particular recollection.” – Arthur Schopenhauer 

Thank you for your interest in SOLO Detroit, and please stay tuned!

SOLO Detroit
Stand Out Live Original

For all inquiries regarding sales, questions, or any other information please contact us by emailing: StandOutLiveOriginal@gmail.com